DJ Roster

Atom Energy

 Atom Energy is a long time member of the electronic dance music scene in Tucson, AZ. Originally from the small town of Tubac, AZ, Atom was not influenced by city life allowing his creativity to prosper independently. Always fascinated with music, in 1993 this creativity led Atom to Techno music. After attending numerous EDM events, in 2001 he started to DJ. Over the last 10 years Atom worked his way through the DJ ranks performing and also as a promoter at many clubs and underground events. Mainly concentrating on Trance/Hard Dance and now progressing to House, Drum & Bass and Dubstep, Atom has shown us time and time again that he has the energy to light up even the bleakest dancefloor!!! When this man steps behind the decks, you just can't stop moving! See Atom Energy Rocking the decks on the Industry Standard Productions DJ Roster and everywhere else in Tucson as he's one of AZ's hardest working DJ's! 

2 Phat Pat

 What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion! 2 Phat Pat became a crowd pleaser rocking both the club and rave scene since 1998. From floor rocking House grooves to pulsating Trance, 2 Phat Pat has been known to keep the party people wanting more each time he steps up to the decks.

Greatly influenced by the great House DJ's of today from Bad Boy Bill, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, Richard "Humtpty" Vission, Josh the Funky 1, Psydel a.k.a Bryan Cox, TJR, Sean Myracle, to Trance greats as Judge Jules, Christopher Lawrence, Sandra Collins, Kimball Collins, Armin Van Buuren, and BT. Pat loves interacting with the crowd and sending them into a frenzy.

In 2005, Pat collaborated with Matthew Harris and the 2 of them began the Bassline Rebels. Since '05, the Rebels have been rockin' the decks across the west coast. Once a party-goer, always a party-goer. Don't be surprised if see him in the middle of the dance floor
throughout the night! 

DJ Iam Stranger

 Hailing From Tucson, AZ and a Long time family member of Tru-Vibe Collective. Stranger got his first taste of EDM When he was just a kid. In his teens he began collecting EDM music from artists like bass Mechanix, KMFDM, Lords of Acid, and Skinny Puppy. Stranger likes to play a variety of music. His beats of choice includes many sub variations of: Trance, House, Break Beat, and Hardcore. Stranger has played at clubs and events all over Arizona for the last 10 plus years. Known for blowing the roof off of buildings with high energy buildups, and dropping the grooviest bass-lines that makes two people want to move as one. 


 Dropping bass so thick you need a machete to cut through it, Prometheus has been a leader in pushing fresh Drum n Bass and Jungle since 2002! Utilizing old school vinyl techniques, Prometheus has raised the bar on what a “DJ mix” is! 

Selva Massive

 Originally hailing out of Herndon, Virginia, Selva Massive is an AMEN purest! Spinning on vinyl since 1996, Selva Massive is a beast on the decks and is known for unleashing that rude boy energy and rolling breaks to the dancefloor! 

DJ Murk

DJ Murk Is a TRUE raging Music Addict. From being a young adult in the house party scene to tearing up the Decks at big events, this guy knows how to rage. He also knows the more serene side of music that will carry you away into happiness with his true blend of up and down tempos that will keep you on a roller coaster ride until he lets you off at the end . Catch him Locally in Tucson AZ or at a festival near you! 

DJ Danceboy

Danceboy began his career in central Florida in the mid 90's. Over the years he has had the pleasure of performing at numerous electronic dance music events, clubs and social parties throughout the United States and  moved to Tucson, Arizona in May of 2009. Over the past 7 years Danceboy has been booked for some of Arizona's greatest electronic dance music events and always has ONE goal. "To make YOU move!" 


 It all started with a love of EDM, then the many parties to follow! From the first party he ever attended which was Over The Rainbow-1996. Then his first high profile gig COSMIC INERTIA-2001. The rest is history, and as time went on he became a veteran of the Southern Arizona underground, Fractacality has been performing for over a decade now. Born in Seattle,WA where the EDM music scene is always kicking and raised in Tucson,AZ, he's performed at many gigs in arizona's dance music scene over the years. 

Digital Assassin

 From the depths of the underground of Charleston, South Carolina, Digital Assassin Grew up influenced by hip hop and later on found love for EDM in the form of breaks and jungle and now trap, dirty dutch,hardstyle,and hardcore as well. He loves to make the floor move and is passionate about the scene. Digital Assassin now spends his day's in Tucson, Arizona programming his sets to perfection and then slaughtering the dancefloor! P.L.U.R.N.T!! 


 Dilex’s love for everything electronic started here in Tucson when he was 14. He was introduced to the rave scene young and his passion for Dj’ing and music production has only grown since then. When he was 18 years old he moved out to Florida to bring some of the Hardcore scene to the East Coast. While he was in Florida he played events and clubs for 4 years, including official after parties for Ultra and a couple of residencies. It’s been almost ten years since he started raving here in AZ and now he is back and is ready to make you move! 

DJ Tylr

 DJ tylr has been dropping the sickness for you in Tucson for years and is currently residing in Tempe, Arizona. You may remember him best as the amazing resident club DJ for IBT's on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturday nights from 2015 until very recently!  

DJ Donatello

 Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, DJ Donatello has had an affinity for music since day one! Aside from just DJing, Donatello has been playing various instruments for fifteen years and is well versed in the art of throwing the hell down. 

DJ Love Theory

DJ Love Theory was born and raised here in Tucson. He attended his first rave when at 15 not knowing the DJ's performing would become the most influential upon him. He would come to look up to them as local legends. He purchased his first set of decks when he was about 16 after having a crazy house party and trying CDJ's for the first time. He immediately fell in love. The love affair started out with happy hardcore, hardstyle, and house. From there he explored fidget, trance, and pretty much anything else that caught his ear. After four years of various gigs including small hip-hop shows and hookah lounge events (and non-stop practice) he has expanded his equipment and also branched into family oriented events and weddings. He enjoys being a versatile DJ although his true passion will always be for the rave scene. His current focus gravitates towards deep house, electro, and drum and bass. All genres aside, he just plays what he loves. 

H.R. Guerin

Prone to slinging those pulsing house beats, H.R. Guerin has been hooking up that house fix all across Tucson. From Solar Culture to the Galactic Center and beyond H.R. Guerin is ready to serve you up a saucy plate of house beats.  


86-Jarz appreciates all types of music. Currently residing in Tucson, Arizona, 86-Jarz is an up and comer who has been DJing for three years and some change now. He has also started producing original music all the way from D&B to house to anything else he likes.